Find Hotel Job In Dubai (With Salary) 2019

By | August 4, 2019

Hotel-Jobs-In-Dubai (2019)

Hotel-jobs-in-Dubai is a growing field because of the UAE’s massive expansion into luxury accommodation and tourism. In addition, Dubai’s focus on world-class conference facilities and Dubai’s central location in global air routes makes it the ideal conference focus. Arabic hospitality is famous worldwide for a good reason!

Hotel jobs salary in Dubai

Hotel Jobs advertised per month: 150-250
Recommended experience: 1-3 years for entry-level positions, reception, team leading. 3-5+ for management and overseeing positions.

Qualifications: Mostly experience-based. References will be checked.
Salaries (US$): AED1200 – AED7,000/month. Luxury hotels pay more but demand outstanding service and multilingual fluency.

Perks: Subsidised accommodation, subsidized meals or meal allowances are common, laundry allowance, uniform, return airfares for contract workers, regular bonuses and incentives.

Specializations: Front of house, multilingual staff are especially sought after. Eastern and European languages particularly preferred – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French.

Hotel-jobs-in-Dubai is a growing field of employment in Dubai, and competition is understandably fierce. Dubai employers are used to paying for the best and getting them, so the surest way to employment in the UAE is constant training, amazing references, and serious networking. Luckily, once you’re ‘in’ with Dubai employers, there are strong professional networks and lots of sideways movement between hoteliers in Dubai and its surrounds.

Finding a Hotel job in Dubai

The best place to start is with any contacts you have in the UAE. Getting recommendations from someone ‘in the business’ is always going to be the best way to start. As with every job market, if employers are looking to expand or replace staff and they have a recommendation from someone they trust or are a manager in charge of their own hiring, then they’ll go with that option rather than tying up HR staff with entry-level employees.

Be polite but assertive in networking. You don’t want to get a bad reputation – hoteliers and HR staff are as bad gossips as the rest of us – but you definitely want to get your name ‘out there’.

Scour the Internet for listings of jobs-in-Dubai and contact everyone you can find. Tailor your approach, don’t take a ‘shotgun’ approach to employers. Find out the names of people you’ll need to deal with. Approach them directly. Make friends!

As experts in finding work in Dubai, we can’t recommend very strongly the positions advertised on the Internet. By all means, apply for them if you feel you’re a strong fit, but remember that people all over the world will be competing with you, and it’s often just pot luck who’s resume gets pulled out of ‘the bucket’ when you have hundreds of qualified applicants.

Negotiating Payment for Hotel-Jobs-in-Dubai

Negotiations are far more commonplace in particular the UAE & Dubai than in many other countries around the world. It’s worth reading up specifically on negotiating in these cultures because it’s considered the norm enough that if you’re awkward about it, you’ll probably either annoy people or simply miss out on excellent deals.

One of our clients was a novice negotiator and settled for what she thought was a generous executive package. Then, a year later, she went to re-negotiate her contract and realized she’d taken 30% less pay than the company would have given her, as well as missing out on a free car, free accommodation and a generous daily meal stipend! So it always makes sense to check.

Hotel job in Dubai is less lucrative than executive positions, obviously. However, the same principles apply. Know what you’re worth, and understand that your salary isn’t fixed. Be assertive in pointing out what you can do for the company; the HR staff need to justify what they’re paying you. If you can, consider aiming for a more modest outright salary and then negotiate bonuses based on performance.

You may be expected to ‘bunk down’ in shared accommodation with other workers for the same hotel, but this is a small price to pay for getting assistance with rent in Dubai, which is fairly expensive.

Bonuses in Hotel-jobs-in-Dubai

Workers of the world, rejoice! Dubai has a fantastic culture of bonuses and gratitude payments. It is standard to get up to one month’s salary in lieu of leave payments etc at the finalization of a contract, and often smaller, monthly or quarterly bonuses as a way of encouraging and rewarding good work.

Listen to your colleagues and compatriots and make every effort to do a fantastic job. Employers are always on the lookout for talent and genuine dedication, and with dozens of competitors for every job, any slacking off or laggardly conduct will result in no bonuses and probably a swift firing as well.

Qualifications for Hotel job in Dubai

Hotel jobs at entry levels are more fiercely competitive than upper-level positions. This means that any qualifications you have will be highly regarded. Even if they aren’t in a particularly related field, a university degree (Bachelors or Masters) will prove that you’re literate, articulate and reliable.

Professional qualifications and awards in Hotel staffing are particularly well regarded in Dubai, where employers take great pride in having the ‘best staff in the world’. Make sure your resume highlights all the outstanding work you’ve done and what your accomplishments have been. Any clippings or magazine articles, interviews, etc will massively boost your standing amongst employers in Dubai.

Visas for Hotel job in Dubai

As with all travel in Dubai, visas are usually organized by your employer. Make sure you have the correct visas and paperwork. Nothing is worse in Dubai than not having your visas in order, or not having your passport.

Some employers try and convince their workers to leave their passports with them for ‘safekeeping’. This is occasionally genuine concern but often has more to do with the employer’s security and power over the employees.

If you can possibly avoid it, make sure you keep your passport with you at all times. It’s your ticket out of the country, a form of ID, and if you need to change jobs or an emergency arises, trying to get your passport back from an employer can be difficult or impossible, especially if you’re in dispute with them.

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