IT sector job in Dubai for Freshers (2019)

By | August 21, 2019

IT sector job in Dubai have massive growth in the last decade and show no signs of slowing down. Dubai is deliberately re-positioning itself to be a more cosmopolitan network of jobs in different high-tech industries, hoping to compete with IT powerhouses like Hong Kong. With that in mind, Dubai companies that have previously focussed on infrastructure and resources are now turning their well-funded sights on IT jobs.

IT sector job in Dubai with Salary

IT sector job in Dubai are very well compensated, and with perks and bonuses the norm rather than the exception in Dubai and the UAE, life for a skilled IT worker can be very comfortable indeed.

As with any high-paying job, a lot will depend on your qualifications, experience, and ability to negotiate a good package for yourself. Familiarize yourself with Dubai’s unique labor laws so that you’re in good standing when it comes to negotiations.

Dubai companies are increasingly responding to the growing need for a solid IT presence, infrastructure, and systems. In order to remain competitive in the global market, IT sector job in Dubai cover many areas. But Dubai companies are always keen for systems administrators, database designers, IT engineers, project managers, and programmers to have a broad knowledge of multiple languages.

To reward the ideal employee, IT companies in Dubai offer excellent compensation. And will typically negotiate a wide range of bonuses and perks to produce an attractive package. In addition to your income being tax-free, IT specialists in Dubai look forward to the company’s cars, subsidized housing, world-class health care and benefits, performance bonuses and a generous severance package upon successful completion of the contract.

There is a huge amount of lateral movement in the IT industries in Dubai. More inter-connected than other industries due to the interlinked nature of IT workers, many jobs never appear on the open market, with managers and directors in firms offering jobs directly to people they’ve met and networked with during their time in Dubai.

Experience and qualifications

IT sector job in Dubai is strongly sought after by a particularly mobile global workforce. IT professionals are relatively young, male, and usually single. And the idea of relocating to Dubai around the world is no fear for a lot of IT workers.

The best way to succeed in applying for IT sector job in Dubai is to stand out from the crowd. Accumulate professional qualifications. Become an active member in professional associations. Make note of any important positions held, publications that you’ve written. Get involved in the IT community in a notable way.

In addition to raising your visibility to headhunters. The experience and qualifications will look good on your resume and give you an opportunity to network. With comparatively few jobs being advertised as opposed to passed out privately. A strong international network of connections is going to stand you in good stead.

Senior IT sector job in Dubai will naturally be given to people with outstanding records and experience. Expect to be asked for 3-8 years of experience for most significant positions. You can occasionally get away with being less experienced, given the rapidly evolving nature of IT jobs, as long as your qualifications are stellar.

It helps greatly to have been involved in notable successes, so keep any record of projects that have been mentioned in the press or professional publications.

Get IT job without a Degree

Build good relationships with people in Dubai, even if they’re not working directly in IT. You never know when a friendship or even a cordial email will net you an opportunity. IT workers are inveterate gossipers and if you keep things polite and don’t harass anyone. Word will often filter through to the ‘right people’ that you’re looking for work.

Comprehensive knowledge of programming languages and mathematics is more important than being able to speak Arabic. You may want to study some anyway, but most important documents in IT will be written in English. And isn’t necessary to be fluent in Arabic before starting work in Dubai. Any job with a requirement for you to speak Arabic will be clearly noted in the job application.

Pay and remuneration for IT sector job in Dubai

Pay and packages for IT sector job in Dubai are usually excellent. But vary significantly from the employer and with seniority. High-end jobs in IT in Dubai generally pay significantly more than their effective counterparts in other countries. where entry-level or low-level positions have close to pay equity. With IT job in Dubai in such high demand, there are excellent prospects for promotions and career advancement.

It is standard practice for non-UAE citizens to be hired on contracts for fixed periods of time. At the end of those contracts, another job may be offered or the contractor maybe let go. It is also universal for a ‘gratuity’ to be paid out at the end of each contract, rather like a bonus for ongoing employees common in the States.

Bonuses are often awarded in regular, reliable installments on completion of milestones or over periods of time, and are usually worked out as a multiple of one’s monthly salary.

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