How to get Plumbing job in Dubai?

By | August 7, 2019

Plumbing-jobs-in-Dubai is well-paid, competitive- and rewarding. To get good-Plumbing-job-is-likely to lead to a long and well-paid career. The secrets to securing the all-important first Plumbing job in-Dubai are-being experienced-in the field, having excellent academic & professional-qualifications and is well networked.

Plumbing job in Dubai

Plumbers working in Dubai are expected to be very competent and well trained. Dubai’s job environment pays the best and expects the best, so if you’re not up to scratch, you’ll quickly find yourself blacklisted and left without the completion bonuses that make Dubai Plumbing jobs so lucrative.

You have an advantage if you’re a relatively young plumber who’s mobile. Many more experienced-plumbers, who are otherwise competing for plumbing-jobs-in-Dubai. And have reduced their ability to move internationally. This leads to a unique advantage for recently graduated plumbers. Dubai employers generally place a large emphasis on experience. But plumbing is an industry as far as you are well trained and have some experience in the same field. A good reputation will give you some attractive and enjoyable jobs.

If you do have a family and are still interested in a Plumbing job in Dubai, don’t worry. If you are experienced and show continuing professional development, employers in Dubai will leap at a chance to give you work. Assisting your family to relocate is a common part of Dubai work contracts; most employers will fly you and your family to Dubai for the duration of the time you are working for them.

Finding a Plumbing job in Dubai

Plumbing-jobs-in-Dubai in many fields is regularly advertised. In particular, Plumbers specializing in roof fitting, Mechanical Services plumbing, Air-conditioning plumbing, and Plumbers with-Electrical-Engineering-experience are all in hot demand. Expertise and the documentation to support it will get you the best and most sought-after job in Dubai.

Make sure you keep records of your professional accreditation and make sure that your Government stands behind the accrediting bodies. With international applicants for most Dubai jobs, you’re going to be up against some of the best.

Increasingly, Plumbing-jobs-in-Dubai is listed on Internet job pages. This is because Plumbing and Construction firms are aware that a lot of the best talent is internationally based, and they have no compunctions about flying in the best Plumbers from around the world. Searching through Dubai job pages is a great way to start looking for a Plumbing job in Dubai.

Be aware though, that like the rest of the world, the advertised jobs are only the tip of the iceberg. Roughly 75% of Plumbing-jobs-in-Dubai are awarded without external advertising. Don’t expect networking to act as a substitute for real skill and determination, but be aware that getting a great Plumbing job is going to be easier the more people that you know.

Careers in Plumbing

With this in mind, network deliberately. Contact Plumbers, you know in-Dubai-and ask them for a referral. See if anyone you know in your local community knows people-working-in-Dubai. They don’t necessarily need to be working in Plumbing themselves; anyone working in construction or infrastructure in Dubai will likely have contacts you could use.

Consider contacting employers directly. Considering that Plumbers have a reputation amongst HR staff for being unreliable and difficult to contact, making a good impression is sure to last. Remember that HR people want to hire the-best-people-with the least effort; make their job easier for them. Let employers know you’re interested in working for them. Be genuine.

Pay and remuneration for Plumbing job in Dubai

As with all job in Dubai, pay and remuneration depend a great deal on your ability to sell yourself to the recruiting company. For people coming from such backgrounds, who are not used to begging. Working in Dubai can be quite a shock to this system. Where the fugitive is normal and expected.

Pay and packages for-Plumbing-jobs-in-Dubai are usually excellent but vary significantly from the employer and with seniority. Overseers and managers get paid more than people doing the actual physical labor, as labor in the UAE is relatively cheap compared to skilled work. Expect to manage employees earlier in your career than you would in other countries. Promotion and career prospects are excellent. Expect to increase your wages reliably each time your contract is renewed or re-negotiated.

It is standard practice for non-UAE citizens to be hired on contracts for fixed periods of time. At the end of those contracts, another job may be offered or the contractor maybe let go. It is also universal for a ‘gratuity’ to be paid out at the end of each contract, rather like a bonus for ongoing employees common in the States. Bonuses are often awarded in regular, reliable installments on completion of milestones or over periods of time, and are usually worked out as a multiple of one’s monthly salary.

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Plumber salary in Dubai (2019)

See how much money does a plumber can make in Dubai? According to Indeed AED 2,344 per month is the average salary for a plumber in the United Arab Emirates. Plumber salary by location:

Plumber in DubaiAED 2,335 Per month
Plumber in Al BarshaAED 2,452 Per month
Plumber in Jebel AliAED 2,284 Per month


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