How to Get Teaching Job in Dubai Schools (2019)

By | July 29, 2019

Teaching-jobs-in-Dubai can be extremely rewarding and well-paid. Competition is fierce for these positions, as with Dubai’s booming economy and an increasing focus on English as an international language of trade, more and more people are moving to Dubai to make their fortunes.


Teaching-jobs-in-Dubai can be-found on a contractual or permanent basis depending upon your access to visas and how long you want to stay in Dubai. The pay can vary dramatically.

Low-level teaching-positions available to those with minimal qualifications can be as low as US$1-2,000 per month but can range upwards of US$10,000/month with the right experience. The higher paying schools are very prestigious and guard their reputation for excellent staff fiercely.

English Teaching-Jobs-in-Dubai

Qualifications for Teaching-jobs-in-Dubai are essential. In years past, the demand for English-teachers was strong enough that many University graduates in other areas could pick up a job-teaching-English of the strength of their degrees. Now, if you want decent-paying teaching job in a respectable school, it is important to be better qualified than the mass of applicants.

Each school will have its own academic requirements for applicants. While others will require your country’s equivalent of a Bachelor-of-Education or Teaching. Any post-graduate studies you have achieved will greatly open up your-opportunities-for-more privileged positions.

Experience to some extent is necessary for Teaching-jobs-in-Dubai. Two or three years is preferable, but the more experience you have, the better. Glowing recommendations will also help you get a foot in the door, especially if they come from people with impressive job positions or public titles.

Encourage those giving you recommendations to err on the lavish side, as being subtle or skimpy with praise will be unlikely to impress job selectors in Dubai, who want to assure their superiors they are hiring the very best for the job.

Finding teaching-jobs-in-Dubai

Jobs are increasingly listed on Internet websites. Searching through Dubai-job listing pages is a good place to start. Remember that only 30% of all jobs are advertised, the vast majority of them go to people who are well networked. It is no exception in Dubai. The Arabic culture of hospitality and exchanged goodwill does nothing to diminish the importance of good networking.

Contact people you know who are working in Dubai. Get onto forums and get friendly with locals. Ask everyone you know if they know anyone working in Dubai, in any field.

Do the research. Contacting people directly leaves an impression about your studiousness and eagerness for the position. And is more likely to land you a teaching job in Dubai than anything else.

Find out which of the many schools in Dubai you would like to work for, and contact them directly. Ask if they have any staff contracts rotating soon. Get to know the human resources people in the schools. Make sure they remember your name when your application comes through.

Apply For Teaching-jobs-in-Dubai (2019)

Teaching Assistant (Dubai)Apply
High-Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) – French (Dubai)Apply

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