How to get a Telecom Job in Dubai for Freshers

By | July 27, 2019

Telecom Job in Dubai

Telecom Job in Dubai are well paid and have superior conditions to similar jobs pretty much anywhere else in the world. They usually require at least bilingualism in Arabic and English and depending on the particular job. Knowing more than those two languages is a bonus. especially if you are familiar with Asian languages and are looking for Telecom work dealing with overseas calls.

Telecom Job In Dubai
Why investigate Telecom job in Dubai? There are many reasons. Firstly, Dubai jobs generally pay higher than their counterparts in other countries. On top of that, Dubai doesn’t have any individual income tax, meaning that in reality your wages maybe 30-40% higher. Secondly, there is a strong culture in Dubai for seniority and experience. This means that if you’re going to carve a career in Dubai, working in a Telecom job for a long period is going to massively increase your chances for promotion and better pay and conditions as companies reward you for your loyalty.

Finding a Telecom Job in Dubai

Telecom employers in Dubai have nearly extremely high standards. Remember that the talent pool for Telecom jobs worldwide is very deep. In order to keep your job and get ahead, you need to simultaneously prove your worth. Innovate in a non-challenging way, improve your skills. Manage relationships with your employers so it’s easier to bring you back for another contract rather than hire someone else.

In a country where presentation is paramount, expect to have excellence demanded from you constantly. Being bilingual is more of a ‘must’ than a ‘should’, and even having too heavy an accent or not understanding local colloquialisms can make your job’s future in doubt. Strive to meet those high standards and exceed them. Remember that you’re being paid above average for what you’re doing, so your efforts need to match correspondingly.

As a foreign worker, it’s more acceptable for you to propose novel solutions and experimental approaches, but make sure you can back up your initiatives with results. The best way to get ahead in the Telecom industry in Dubai is by providing exceptional service and making sure that it’s noticed and appreciated by one’s employer, and then getting regular promotions.

How to get Telecom Technician Job in Dubai?

If you can find ways to get your clients to compliment you to your employer without being pushy, then do so. Hearing good feedback from clients in Dubai is a rare experience for employers, and even one or two instances will make you stand out.

So how does one find a Telecom job in Dubai? Networking is the primary answer. It’s hard to contact people directly in Dubai if you don’t have a ‘foot in the door’, because in Dubai, more so than in other job markets, whom you know is vitally important. Luckily, people in Telecom are more heavily networked than any other industry, and that always you to get your name out and around almost staggeringly easy.

In fact, this can almost work against you if you’re too aggressive in marketing yourself. There’s a balance between assertiveness and spamming people, err on the side of caution. Always go for personal contact, in person, via a video call like Skype, or over the phone, rather than in just text. It’s too easy to hit ‘delete’ on an email, it’s harder to fob someone off when you can see them in front of you.

Bear in mind that many Telecom jobs are filled in batches. This is one of the rare instances where it’s worth applying for job in Dubai. Those are advertised on the Internet. Human Resources staff will be expecting a barrage of applications. They will have a streamlining process to sort through the chaff more efficiently than with individually-advertised jobs. As long as you’re not incompetent and can write a decent, tailored job application. You should be able to get through to an initial assessment or skills test.

Telecom Job in Dubai

Once you’ve reached that stage, it’s about preparation, execution, and confidence. Remember in role-playing initiatives etc to aim for assertiveness at all times. Don’t be afraid to politely correct people if your job requires it, but a professional calm and friendliness are expected from employers at all times. Practise, practise, practise, and do so well before an actual assessment period so you can absorb any feedback you’re given.

Telecom jobs open quickly and are filled faster. Don’t expect to land one that’s advertised on the Internet, it’s probably gone by the time you read it. Remember that without networking and contacts in your favour, you’re fighting against literally thousands of other people for every single publicly posted job.

Luckily for readers of this article, we can assure you. That networking, that oldest and most valuable of job-hunting skills. It is alive and well in Middle Eastern cultures. On to of that, many Internet job hunters don’t have the patience and savvy to network appropriately. Especially across international borders, and this makes a big opportunity for those willing and dedicated to approaching job hunting in Dubai with some intelligence and perseverance.

Telecom technician job in Dubai

Be humble and eager. Getting yourself established in Dubai is more important than how you’re recognised and paid during your first year of work. Entry-level Telecom positions don’t offer as much glamour or fiscal reward as the high-profile jobs.

What you need to bear in mind is those career paths, seniority and experience are all heavily expected in Dubai. Everyone starts at the bottom, and how quickly you work your way up is entirely up to you. That said, there’s always some wiggle room to carve yourself a bigger slice of cake if you know how to go about it.

Don’t get hung up on dollar figures. Remember that income in Dubai is tax-free, compensate your demands accordingly. There’s often less wiggle room in monthly salaries as there is in allowances. Many of which can be offered as ‘standard’ sweeteners.

If you don’t ask about living allowances, accommodation allowances, and company perks, then you’ll never know. Expect to receive bonuses in return for outstanding efforts, either individually or as part of a team.

Telecom Job in Dubai

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Telecom Vacancies in Dubai (2019)

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Logistics Warehouse OperatorPanalpina GroupApply 
Logistics Warehouse AssistantABC Investments LLCApply
IT OfficerMunich REApply
IT TraineeTaleb Emirates Consulting – DubaiApply
Personal AssistantBlack Pearl Consult – DubaiApply
Senior Recruitment OfficerKK Group – DubaiApply

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